'The Estate' in March

I took a day trip over to the Island to get some shots of the daffodils.  The journey over was a little more eventful than usual, but I got there eventually!

I took this one from the car ferry just to make the point about how much more of the abbey is visible from the sea these days.




The magnolia was about a week away from being in full bloom.






 The daffs though were in their full glory!










The base of Mum's tree is particularly lovely.







Even with all this Spring around, the skyline from the top of the field is still very wintery.


Mark and co. came over and we inspected the two new trees Dad has planted.

The primroses are as lovely as ever, although there weren't as many of them around as I was expecting.


The cowslips aren't out yet but I thought you might like to see them anyway!



Last Modified: 30 March 2003