Cornwall - April 2006


The Cottage

Sunday - Lost Gardens of Heligan

Monday - Seal Sanctuary and Goonhilly

Tuesday - Eden Project

Wednesday - St. Anthony's Head

Thursday - Church of St. Endocot

Friday - Goran Haven


The Cottage

It was on rather a steep road which was also rather narrow! In the two photos below you can see 2 door openings.  The door to our cottage was the one on the right.


It wasn't any less steep coming the other way!



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The Lost Gardens of Helegan.  We liked the Giant's Head . . .

. . . and the Mud Maiden, a lot.


Even in this chilly Spring there were plenty of flowers to enjoy, both wild and cultivated.


There was a lot of walking including some steep climbs but we found a few places to take a breather along the way.

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We decided to drive a little further and walk a little less.  We visited the Seal Sanctuary which I visited with Jenny and Thomas many years ago.  They now have 2 Asian otters but having been photographing our own type of otters the previous week I didn't think these skinny interlopers were up to much and they didn't get a picture.  The seals themselves were gorgeous and happy to smile for the camera and show their best side!

I was really pleased that they had seen fit to give sanctuary to this little chap.


Then we went on to Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station.  I couldn't make up my mind if it was in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of everywhere.  I think it might be the latter - SO much worldwide communication is channelled through that place!

Here is Dad listening to a talk about it all.

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To begin to understand the Eden Project you have to read the guide book.  Just visiting it and walking round leaves too many questions unanswered.

I liked this sculpture of Dionysus (also known as Bacchus, according to that guide book!).  I'm not sure the others were equally impressed.


A waterfall of this scale indoors would have to impress most people.

It got a bit too crowded for our liking in the afternoon but the shot above gives some idea of the scale of the 'biomes' and if you look carefully you should be able to spot Dad and Barry.


When I lived in Honduras I would drive past pineapple farms but I had never seen a fruit growing on the plant like this until now - it made my day!

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We didn't stray far on Wednesday but just drove to a nearby headland to admire the views.  Hard to beleive I went a whole day without taking ANY photos!!!



Although we were staying on the south coast it took less than an hour to drive up to the north coast and, normal service resumed, I took some photos!


(and here I am doing it!)


The Church of St. Enodoc is charming and also has a somewhat famous resident in the graveyard.


I managed to get quite a nice shot of Dad while he was sat in the churchyard.


Dad did his best to look like the beach was somewhere he was happy to be but he seemed equally happy to be leaving it!

For those of you who can remember the photos on the wall above my piano, there are two there of Jenny and Thomas on the beach above.  The one of Tom has him intently eating a rather drippy Feast ice cream with a towel draped across him to catch the drips!  Jenny is in a spotty blue swimsuit.  Ah, those were the days!!!

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We visited Goran Haven . . .

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 . . . and treated ourselves to a cream tea (photos withheld to protect the guilty!)

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Last Modified: 16 April 2006