Christmas 2002

Vincent came down to fetch Dad, so I went across for the day and Mark and Mandy kindly fed us all.

Boxing Day we were at Barry's folks.

Its that nice niece of his! 

Friday we lunched with Auntie Connie and Frances and then went on to Yorkshire.
I thought the new kitchen would be a good place for taking photos!  (Note the trendy cooker hood!)

Together they found the entry for Philip McDermott and family on the 1901 Census Site.  (What was that Mum used to say about wearing the old ones out first!)

Another kitchen shot!

One day it didn't rain and we got out for a walk.  (I'll have you know I had to run up this hill to get there in time to take the shot!)
We looked round a Tudor house.  (I think Dad and Vincent are discussing just where the mice might get in!)

On the way home we lunched with Great Aunt Emmeline et al.  These two young men are my first cousins twice removed (we think!).  The one in the middle is Dominic, on the right is Adrian with his lady friend Donna on the left.
Lots of tea and talk!  This is Julia, Dad and Great Aunt Emmeline.

She doesn't look bad for 100 years and 5 days, does she!
More tea and talk - this time Barry and Tony.

If only I could remember all the names!


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