Tribe Assembly 2006


Welcome to your first ever Tribe Assembly, Nigel!

(Likewise, welcome to his Dad, Ryan - but Nigel makes a much cuter photo!)


Great-Granddad, Granny, Mom and Nigel - 4 generations on one settee!


While Nigel works out who is cuddling him NOW, those gorgeous aunties get in on the act.


We had yet another lovely cream tea at the Lavender Farm (such creatures of habit!)






Woody came to say hello and Nigel had his first ride on a horse.


Looking at the sights with someone who has never seen them before lets one see them with new eyes.  The Island really is a very beautiful place.

(I'll leave you to decide if you think the back view is better or worse than the front view!)

For any of the extended family who may not have met everybody in the photo above here are their names from left to right: Ruth with husband Ryan, Vincent, Lizzie, Kate, Rebecca, Dave, Eileen and Andrew.



It came up in conversation that my (Veronica) birthday has slipped past this year as it happened to be the day I took Jen to the airport to go to Harvard for the summer and I had carried on northward to get Tom from Durham (via the Farne Islands - so it had its up side too!).  I did not expect for a second to find I had been included in the August birthday celebrations to make up for it!!!  Thank you very much, all of you!



Ryan also seemed very pleased to be getting a surprise gift too!


Of course some presents were particularly photograph-worthy.  ;-)





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Last Modified: 26 October 2006